Ableton Serato The Bridge

Ableton and Serato bridge the gap between music production and DJing with The Bridge. The Bridge requires Serato Scratch Live 2.1.1 and Ableton Live/Suite 8.2 or above. Open both programs at the same time with Rane hardware attached to activate The Bridge online.

Remix Your Own Tracks Live

The Bridge gives you turntable-style control of your own multitrack productions. Simply drag an Ableton Live Set to a deck in Scratch Live and use your turntables or CDJ to control the transport. Scratch Live enhances your productions with deck control, mixing, nudging and DJ style looping, while you can remix, mute/solo tracks, use virtual instruments, change drum patterns, manipulate audio, tweak effects and launch loops on the fly in Ableton Live.

Welcome To The Next Level

Apart from your Scratch Live hardware, using an additional dedicated controller such as Akai Professional APC40, APC20, or Novation Launchpad opens up your game for more mixing, effects handling and for triggering clips.

Learn How To Set Up Your Gear

If you're just getting started with Ableton Live, you'll want to go through the Ableton Live lessons, located inside the program in the Help View

The World

Behind the scenes, Ableton and Serato have implemented a two-way communication link to connect the programs. The timing is tight and it doesn't matter which program you open first.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

The Bridge World Tour

Serato and Ableton product specialists and industry-leading DJs and producers will be demonstrating The Bridge in select cities worldwide.

Special guests include Rob Swift, DJ Spider, Jeff Milligan, DJ Revolution, Poirier and J-Boogie.These free demos will offer an introduction to Ableton Live and Serato Scratch Live, as well as an in-depth look at The Bridge.

Whether you're an experienced digital DJ or just getting started, the demos will offer valuable tips and tricks to help you get the most out of Serato and Ableton.

Click here for all the dates and registration.

The Bridge is free for anyone who owns Serato Scratch Live compatible hardware, and a registered version of Ableton Live 8.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

"Ten o 7" The Bridge By Breakfader

I think this guy is good for basic control of all he is trying to do. If you look at his old videos and see hows he progress. Plus he does not do dance music just hip hop "not rap".

Live Remixing with BRIDGE

Drums, Synths, Percussion, FX created with NI Maschine and Komplete package........Acapella control using Serato Scratch......

Point of the video is too showcase how DJs can now LIVE REMIX with Serato in the club....with a bass line, drums, and a few instruments a WHOLE NEW SONG CAN BE CREATED!!

Scratch Live 2.1.1 with The Bridge

Serato Tutor Kinox gives his opinion on the bridge 2.1.1