Ableton Serato The Bridge

Ableton and Serato bridge the gap between music production and DJing with The Bridge. The Bridge requires Serato Scratch Live 2.1.1 and Ableton Live/Suite 8.2 or above. Open both programs at the same time with Rane hardware attached to activate The Bridge online.

Remix Your Own Tracks Live

The Bridge gives you turntable-style control of your own multitrack productions. Simply drag an Ableton Live Set to a deck in Scratch Live and use your turntables or CDJ to control the transport. Scratch Live enhances your productions with deck control, mixing, nudging and DJ style looping, while you can remix, mute/solo tracks, use virtual instruments, change drum patterns, manipulate audio, tweak effects and launch loops on the fly in Ableton Live.

Welcome To The Next Level

Apart from your Scratch Live hardware, using an additional dedicated controller such as Akai Professional APC40, APC20, or Novation Launchpad opens up your game for more mixing, effects handling and for triggering clips.

Learn How To Set Up Your Gear

If you're just getting started with Ableton Live, you'll want to go through the Ableton Live lessons, located inside the program in the Help View

The World

Behind the scenes, Ableton and Serato have implemented a two-way communication link to connect the programs. The timing is tight and it doesn't matter which program you open first.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Numark NS6 Launch

Serato and Numark are getting excited about the forthcoming release of the Numark NS6. The Numark NS6 is a 4-channel digital DJ controller for Serato ITCH with complete built in mixer and 4 decks of software control.

Numark are hosting exclusive launch events at a number of Guitar Center stores on June 1st from 7pm. Guitar Center Brooklyn, Guitar Center Chicago, Guitar Center Hallandale and Guitar Cente Pico and Westwood in LA will all feature live performances from special DJs. Don’t miss your chance to experience the unveiling of this hot new controller.


Anti-Trainspotting Mode

Anti-Trainspotting Mode, sometimes known as Stealth Mode, is an easy way to hide this information for any tracks loaded to the virtual decks.

Simply click on the BPM field of one of your decks, type in 'am', then press enter. The artist info and track name on both decks will immediately disappear until you enter 'am' in the BPM field again, or if you restart Scratch Live or ITCH.

Note: Beatgrids must be disabled to use Anti-Trainspotting mode.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011


I been watching this guy for years on youtube. I watched him progress using ableton and serato with out the bridge. This was his routine for the DMC dj online championships. This video was posted on Feb.16 2011, kinda reminds me of eskie83 routine but there is no foul play on biting in this video.

The Bridge (Ableton + Serato) Showcase @ Musik Messe 2011

Some parts of eskie83 showcases at the Rane & Serato booth at Musik Messe 2011 using Serato Scratch Live with The Bridge (Ableton Live).

Friday, May 6, 2011

Warning - Problems with new 2011 Macbook Pros

There are some issues with the new Macbook Pros released in February 2011. The new Macs boot into 64-bit by default and this is causing issues with Scratch Live. TTM-57s users need to press and hold the "3" and "2" keys on start-up to boot into 32-bit mode and not the default 64-bit mode. Also do NOT unplug the USB cord from any Scratch Live device until you close down the program. If you unplug the USB cord while Scratch Live is still open and running, you will get a kernel panic crash and must force reboot (which is not good).