Ableton Serato The Bridge

Ableton and Serato bridge the gap between music production and DJing with The Bridge. The Bridge requires Serato Scratch Live 2.1.1 and Ableton Live/Suite 8.2 or above. Open both programs at the same time with Rane hardware attached to activate The Bridge online.

Remix Your Own Tracks Live

The Bridge gives you turntable-style control of your own multitrack productions. Simply drag an Ableton Live Set to a deck in Scratch Live and use your turntables or CDJ to control the transport. Scratch Live enhances your productions with deck control, mixing, nudging and DJ style looping, while you can remix, mute/solo tracks, use virtual instruments, change drum patterns, manipulate audio, tweak effects and launch loops on the fly in Ableton Live.

Welcome To The Next Level

Apart from your Scratch Live hardware, using an additional dedicated controller such as Akai Professional APC40, APC20, or Novation Launchpad opens up your game for more mixing, effects handling and for triggering clips.

Learn How To Set Up Your Gear

If you're just getting started with Ableton Live, you'll want to go through the Ableton Live lessons, located inside the program in the Help View

The World

Behind the scenes, Ableton and Serato have implemented a two-way communication link to connect the programs. The timing is tight and it doesn't matter which program you open first.

Thursday, January 27, 2011


This guy be making it do what it do from what I been seeing.
"this is a 5min trailer to show you my new "REMIX SHOW"

i used two Turntables, a Rane TTM57-SL Mixer, Serato Scratch Live, Ableton Live, an Akai APC20, a Akai MPD24 and the Novation DICER to remix and re-produce well know Hip Hop tracks.

This recap contains parts of a 40min "REMIX-SHOW" session recorded at my studio.

for booking requests visit my website:

You have to give it up to this dude is jive alright if you ask me. Hopefully we could get a interview from him when he's not busy. We'll see so check out more of his videos on youtube and go to his website. And leave comments also.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Pioneer DDJ-S1 Serato Itch Winter NAMM 2011

What is the Pioneer DDJ-S1?

The Pioneer DDJ-S1 for Serato ITCH is an all-in-one Digital DJ controller combining Pioneer's renowned hardware design with world leading DJ software by Serato.

The result is a seamless and powerful DJ system that could only come from a partnership between these two industry leaders.
Feature and performance enhancements include:

* Tight integration with Serato ITCH software: play music files direct from your laptop without ever touching the keyboard
* Pioneer functionality layout including alphabetic search and slip mode
* Equipped with various inputs and outputs, including a balanced XLR inout/output (1 of each)
* Unique laptop integration design places the screen in the DJ’s line of sight at all times
* Optimized audio circuitry in the master output area, borrowed from our pro-DJ equipment, ensures high quality sound
* Needle search function allows DJs to quickly skip through a song to a preferred playback point
* Built-in sound card.

The Numark NS6 for Serato ITCH

Auckland, New Zealand – Numark, the world’s leading manufacturer of DJ technology, and Serato Audio Research, a ground breaking software development company from New Zealand, are proud to introduce the NS6 DJ controller for Serato ITCH.

Numark will showcase NS6 at the 2011 Winter NAMM Show in Anaheim, CA, Booth #6400, January 13 – 16.

NS6 is a 4-channel Digital DJ controller with complete built in mixer and 4 decks of software control. This easy to use dual-platter system has been designed in collaboration with world renowned software developers, Serato, to deliver powerful breakthrough performance to a broad range of DJs.

NS6 borrows from the popular designs of Numark’s award-winning NS7FX and V7 controllers and delivers substantial new features including the most responsive, high-resolution touch-activated platters ever produced in a DJ product. The wheels on NS6 deliver 3600 ticks of resolution per rotation; when combined with NS6’s automatically adjusted platter sensitivity the result is ultra-precise, high definition turntable control.

In addition to high quality control functionality, NS6 contains a fully functional four-channel digital mixer that can be used with or without the computer, making NS6 the most versatile DJ controller and mixer combination in the world.

Numark introduced Strip Search virtual needle drop technology to the DJ world with NS7. NS6 takes this one step further by adding position indicators that allow the DJ to always know track position.

Bi-Color LEDs also surround the wheel, providing both an indication of the Deck in control and also a Deck’s playback status.

The simple and intuitive design of NS6 includes favorites like mouseless Serato ITCH library navigation, Key Lock, complete Pitch Control, manual and instant Looping and Hot Cues. New features have been added including direct access to beat grid controls and Beat Skip, which allows DJs to juggle, scratch or manipulate a track, and then have it snap straight back onto beat.

Effects are easily and instantly accessible by channel, with tactile control over a range of popular Serato DJ FX.

NS6 includes a professional 24-bit audio interface to guarantee pristine audio quality from the computer. A full array of inputs and outputs are present, including XLR outputs, Headphone out, two mic inputs, two phono inputs, four line-level inputs, and USB to connect the system to a Mac or PC.

Sam Gribben, General Manager at Serato says, “The Serato and Numark partnership has already produced the very successful NS7FX and V7. We’re proud to be releasing the NS6, a controller which provides a DJing experience unlike any other. 4 decks, FX and amazing sound - it’s going to be massive”.

NS6 comes with Serato’s ITCH DJ software and tightly integrates with ITCH thanks to close collaboration between Serato and Numark. NS6 also employs the proven, cutting-edge control technology co-developed by Numark and Serato first in the NS7, in which turntable and control information are communicated between the hardware and software at more than ten times standard MIDI resolution. This massive data stream creates the rock-solid, latency- free control for which DJs worldwide have come to expect from the Numark/Serato partnership.

Because NS6’s communication is based upon MIDI, DJs can use it with a variety of MIDI software.

“NS6 is the first truly pro-grade DJ controller and standalone 4-channel mixer with effects,” said Chris Roman, Product Development Manager, Numark. “There has never been this much versatility and control available for professional DJs.”

NS6 will be available from musical instrument and DJ retailers in Q2 2011.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Serato News Letter Update


The Rane SL 4 for Serato Scratch Live is the ultimate high-end solution for professional DJs.

The SL 4 is the first standalone DJ interface to offer two USB ports, superior sound with 96kHz sample rate and 24-bit digital audio processing and galvanic isolation to eliminate computer noise and interference.

Teamed with low latency ASIO and Core Audio drivers, the SL 4 can also be used as a high-grade studio production tool.

All of this in one powerful package, masterfully crafted by Rane. If you're attending NAMM show this weekend in Anaheim, head over to the Rane booth #6958 to check it out.

Check out the Rane SL 4 product page.


The Numark NS6 is a 4-channel Digital DJ controller for Serato ITCH with complete built in mixer and 4 decks of software control.

With touch-activated platters, intuitive hardware controls, and a rock-solid, latency-free hardware/software connection, the Numark NS6 is a formidable force.

In addition to high quality control functionality, NS6 contains a fully functional four-channel digital mixer that can be used with or without the computer.

For more information, visit the Numark NS6 product page.


Serato Audio Research are pleased to announce the release of Scratch Live 2.2 - a highly optimized version of our popular DJ software.

Scratch Live 2.2 now supports the VFX-1 as a native controller for Serato DJ-FX. There is also a brand new DJ-FX mapping on Group 5 of the Rane TTM 57SL, offering tighter integration between Scratch Live and the mixer.

Along with these new FX controls, we have made over 250 improvements with a focus on stability and performance.

For more information, watch the Scratch Live 2.2 Release Notes video.

Scratch Live 2.2 is a free download, and is available now.


The new Pioneer DDJ-S1 for Serato ITCH is a digital DJ controller that offers familiarity, innovation and pure controllerism in one inspired package.

The Pioneer DDJ-S1 DJ controller has been carefully co-designed with Serato for Serato ITCH, balancing simple plug-and-play connection, with amazing software features and superior hardware control.

The result is a seamless and powerful DJ system that could only be built from the partnership between these two industry leaders

Watch the official Pioneer DDJ-S1 overview with Aeroplane: Video

For more information, check out the Pioneer DDJ-S1 product page.


Novation have teamed up with Rane, Serato and Loopmasters to launch the Golden Ticket campaign.

They will be giving away 25 pairs of special edition gold Dicers, five gold Launchpads, 50 pairs of special edition Golden Ticket Serato control vinyl, and a gold Rane Sixty-Eight mixer!

Golden Tickets can be found inside every special edition box of Rane SL1 and SL3 interfaces as well as TTM57SL and Sixty-Eight mixers. Every single ticket unlocks over 500MB of Loopmasters sample content hand picked by the Loopmasters, but only a handful are linked to the hardware prizes.

Check out the Golden Ticket Routine put together by DMC Champ, DJ Blakey.

Head over to the Novation website for more information.


Drop To Cue Points

Did you know that you can needle drop to cue points when using relative mode?

To enable this feature you will need to select the "Drop to cue points" option in the "Vinyl Control" tab of the setup screen.

Once this option is enabled, you will be able to drop your needle into any of the first 5 one-minute sections of the control vinyl which should jump to the corresponding cue-point if there is one set.

If you are using relative mode, this is a great way of jumping through sections of your tracks without the need to touch your computer keyboard or furiously fast forward/rewind your control vinyl!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Serato Scratch Live 2.2 Release Notes

A run through of of the new features added in Serato Scratch Live 2.2, and a brief overview of opmisation done.

Read more about the changes in Scratch Live 2.2 here:

Scratch Live 2.2 is a free download available here:

Tuesday, January 11, 2011


There are only a few days left to take advantage of Ableton's winter sale. Until January 15th you can still get big discounts on Ableton products, including upgrades to Ableton Suite 8 and Max for Live.

Don’t hibernate. Act now to get up to 25% off on an upgrade to Ableton Suite 8 or Max for Live:

Suite 8 offers eleven professional instruments, including an overhauled Operator, Collision for authentic mallet sounds and creative percussion, Amp, which delivers the sound and simplicity of legendary amplifiers and cabinets, on top of a huge sound library.

Friday, January 7, 2011

Ableton Live Video Tutorial: Beat Deconstruction by Dubspot

Have you ever wondered what your favorite producers are thinking when they’re making beats? Dubspot instructor, Ableton Live expert and award winning music educator, Pat Cupo, explains his concept of “Beat Deconstruction”. In this tutorial, Cupo takes a two measure loop of Flying Lotus’ “Camel” from his Los Angles LP (2008) and breaks down the beat into it’s four main components: kick, snare, hi-hat, and percussion, each having it’s own dedicated clip in an audio track. By using Warp Markers as visual place holders to highlight when and where each component occurs in an audio clip, we can begin to understand how the beat was conceptualized. Using the Slice to New MIDI function in Live set to slice the audio at the “Warp Marker”, new MIDI clips are created that contain a series of MIDI notes corresponding to the Warp Markers from their original audio clips. Once this has been done, all of the MIDI information is taken to the Arrangement View to view the clips as a musical score. After a little editing, the music seems to pop out from the screen and we can see the beat in it’s entirety face.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

The Bridge Walkthrough With Joe Caserta

Here is a walkthrough of Joe Caserta bridge setup. Like we all know and as he also said. "it takes time to put a routine together". So lets make sure all our warping is correct and beat grids are setup correct. And let's just sit and wait for the ultimate Ableton Serato The Bridge routine.

The Bridge Walkthrough 12/3/2010 from Joe Caserta on Vimeo.

MPD 32 With Yellow Box For Ableton

Doing a little Ableton and Serato surfing and ran cross this. This is really cute just to have a 4x4 block in ableton using a akai mpd32. Not sure if it works with the bridge yet though. But from my experience remote scripts don't work in the bridge GUI. Hopefully this will not last long cause there are a lot of custom scripts out there.

A few things you need to know:
- The script only uses control bank A and pad bank A. If you want to use the script as is, you need to set up the sliders and buttons so they send messages on midi channel 1:
F1-F8: CC12-CC19, S1-S8: CC32-CC39, K1-K9: CC22-CC29, Transport Buttons from left to right: CC115-119, PAD1-PAD16: Note36-Note51
- The pads control a 4x4 clip matrix. The red box can be moved by using S5-S8. S1-S4 select the 4 tracks in the red box. F1-F4 are mapped to the Sends A in the red box, F5-F8 to Sends B. K1 to K8 control the device parameters of the selected track.
- << and >> are used to go up and down the scenes, STOP is stop al clips, PLAY is launch selected scene and REC is overdub
- When using this script, I set all tracks to "sends only". I use Return A as a kind of a master bus. In my opinion, this has some advantages (e.g. avoiding the "problem" that the volume faders go up to +6dB)

The buttons work like this:
- S8: shift button
- if shift is not pressed:

- S1-S2: select left/right track
- S3-S4: select left/right device
- S5: clip/track
- S6: detail
- S7: on/off

- if shift is pressed:

- S1-S4: move red box up/left/right/down
Download Here!

Controllerism for Ableton Multiple Beat Repeats

All of you Ableton heads out there have probably used the beat repeat effect but I suspect most have never strayed far from the basics. By activating beat repeats manually (instead of by chance), you can take away the randomness and make the repeats happen when you want. When you use more than one copy of the effect you can create multiple layers of beats. Then work in a controller to interact with the beat in a really tactile and expressive way. In today’s article we will explore this basic but creative controllerism technique for Ableton Live.

DJ-M4G with Serato Bridge and Ableton Live Remix Set

DJ M4G rocking The Bridge have to give it up to him. "Just trying out the functions how to work live with Ableton Live as DJ." The equipment setup is as follow
* Serato
* Scratch
* Live
* SL1
* Bridge
* Ableton
* APC20
* Pioneer
* DJM800
* 1000
* Technics
* 1210M5G
* Denon
* HC
* Axiom 25
* Korg Nano Key

Monday, January 3, 2011

DJing Template with Ableton and APC40

In my opion this is one of the best DJ templates for a apc 40 user out there.This is a short walkthrough of Will Marshall's APC40 + Ableton DJing template.

The template is based on Tom Cosm's Megaset, but with modifications both for his own taste and to suit the APC40.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

USA Songwriting Competition 2011

Participate in the 16th annual USA Songwriting Competition to win Ableton Live 8 and other prizes.

The competition promotes the art and excellence of songwriting among bands, songwriters and other music acts. Songs can be entered in 15 categories like Pop, Rock and R&B. Participants stand to win a grand prize of USD 50,000 in cash, merchandise and radio promotion — the largest prize ever to be awarded to a winner in any songwriting competition. Judges include representatives from Sony/BMG, Universal, Warner, and EMI Music, as well as celebrities such as Carol Bayer Sager, Jellybean, Michael Sembello and more.

To learn more and submit a song, visit:

"Simple As That" Bridge Ableton Thing

Using ableton live scratchlive . All on one laptop mpd 32 apc 40 ttm 57. I have some but I wanna see what DMC's gonna bring or what can we bring. The future is here the future is now dude. This was a long time coming though so good or bad comments I really could care less. You cant do it like I do it at all.

Two Free Live Packs

To show our gratitude for a rockin' 2010, we are giving you two free Live Packs.From Everett Bradley will have you and yours pop locking around with a funk-filled take on Tschaikovsky's Nutcracker. We are also happy to pass along a Live Pack gift from Wires.Under.Tension's Christopher Tignor. Christopher has put together a set of string-based loops dashed with a little Bronx-flavored hip-hop.

The Bridge Showcase (Serato + Ableton)

The Bridge Showcase by DJ ESKEI83 now this is what I'm talking bout right here.


This is a good demo on running your homemade tracks. Still something missing though.

DJ WreckDown messing around with The bridge

This is cool and simple I can dig it.

【Creator's Choice】Ableton Serato The Bridge

Only thing you can do is watch and learn all I can tell ya.

Serato Scratch Live + Ableton Live = The Bridge

I'll be glad if some one in the states would do it like this.

THE BRIDGE ableton player

If you understand good cause I don't the equipment just turns me on.

Ableton The Bridge World Tour - London