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Serato ITCH is an integrated software and hardware system, designed to give music selectors and DJs new kinds of control. Serato and ITCH partners have made award winning DJ systems that operate without CD players or turntables.

Using the ITCH software you can DJ music on your computer with accurate control from a range of purpose built ITCH hardware.


Serato has agreements with respected manufacturers to deliver complete ITCH systems that are quality controlled to deliver the finest performance possible. ITCH partners work closely with Serato to build hardware from the ground up that is optimized for performance with ITCH.

ITCH is a project that has engineers from a variety of companies working together and striving for the same goals. The two way relationship in engineering has resulted in features of the Serato ITCH software being customized specifically to the ITCH hardware.

* Integrated "one to one" hardware to software mapping for instant control and minimum setup time.
* Interoperable with Scratch LIve crates, loops and cue points, and support for iTunes™.
* Clean and simple software user interface with emphasis on hardware controller to display information.
* Auto Tempo Matching and Beat Sync.
* Optimal Gain and BPM Calculation
* Serato's unique color waveforms for easy identification of sound.
* Set and store Cue-points.
* Manual and Auto Loop activation.
* Music Library management tools for backup and restore.
* Exclusive Access to Fresh Promotional Music with Whitelabel.net
* Input and Mix recording capability.
* AIFF, WAV, MP3 and AAC audio file support
* No Charge Upgrades that constantly add new features and improvements


There are a variety of ITCH controllers designed in conjunction with the worlds leading DJ brands. Each manufacturer has co-engineered their ITCH hardware with Serato to embrace the needs of the many styles of DJing being performed today.

ITCH DJ Controllers with internal audio mixing
These are all-in-one mixing control surfaces with audio input and output connections. Audio processing and mixing happens via Serato ITCH software. Channel fading, EQ, cross fading and track trim are processed in software with audio and headphone monitoring on the ITCH hardware. Simply connect one USB cable to your computer, connect to your sound system and you're in action.

The Allen & Heath Xone:DX is a new performance audio controller for electronic DJs and is the result of close design collaboration between Allen & Heath and Serato

The Numark NS7 is an elegant desktop controller with responsive motorized control platters that feature 7" vinyl for a more traditional feel.
The Vestax VCI-300 is a sleek all-in-one portable DJ controller. It can be USB powered from the compute and Its slim design makes it a great traveling companion.

ITCH DJ Components for outboard audio mixing

The introduction of ITCH components allows DJs to use their choice of outboard mixer to mix and control audio levels. ITCH components allow tight pre-mapped control of your music with all the benefits of Serato ITCH processing and library management.

The Denon DJ DN HC-5000 is a robust rackmount controller for Mobile/Digital DJs. It has multi-functional touch sensitive jog wheels and one to one mapped control. It's built-in sound card provides audio outputs to connect to your choice of mixer.

The Numark V7 delivers outstanding feel and unprecedented power in a single-platter digital DJ controller.

ITCH DJ FX Controllers

Unleash and manipulate a range of new Serato DJ FX by adding one of these hands-on performance controllers.

The Numark NSFX is a slimline DJ FX controller, styled to integrate with the NS7 and ITCH.

The Vestax VFX-1 is a DJ FX controller designed to compliment the VCI-300 and ITCH.
Only hardware products bearing the ITCH logo are certified by Serato. This means it is part of a system that has Serato ITCH software ready to use - out of the box. Serato ITCH software is only available for certified ITCH hardware and is not sold separately.


ITCH screenshot

ITCH screenshot

Allen & Heath Xone:DX

Allen & Heath Xone:DX

Denon DJ DN-HC5000

Denon DJ DN-HC5000

Numark NS7

Numark NS7

Numark NSFX

Numark NSFX - FX Controller

Numark V7

Numark V7

Vestax VCI-300

Vestax VCI-300
Vestax VFX-1 - FX Controller for Serato ITCH

Vestax VFX-1 - FX Controller

IMPORTANT: Please read this FAQ if you are looking at buying a computer with an AMD Turion or Athlon processor.
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ITCH Controllers with internal mixing
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ITCH Controllers for outboard mixing
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» Numark V7

ITCH FX Controllers
» Numark NSFX
» Vestax VFX-1

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