Thursday, January 6, 2011

MPD 32 With Yellow Box For Ableton

Doing a little Ableton and Serato surfing and ran cross this. This is really cute just to have a 4x4 block in ableton using a akai mpd32. Not sure if it works with the bridge yet though. But from my experience remote scripts don't work in the bridge GUI. Hopefully this will not last long cause there are a lot of custom scripts out there.

A few things you need to know:
- The script only uses control bank A and pad bank A. If you want to use the script as is, you need to set up the sliders and buttons so they send messages on midi channel 1:
F1-F8: CC12-CC19, S1-S8: CC32-CC39, K1-K9: CC22-CC29, Transport Buttons from left to right: CC115-119, PAD1-PAD16: Note36-Note51
- The pads control a 4x4 clip matrix. The red box can be moved by using S5-S8. S1-S4 select the 4 tracks in the red box. F1-F4 are mapped to the Sends A in the red box, F5-F8 to Sends B. K1 to K8 control the device parameters of the selected track.
- << and >> are used to go up and down the scenes, STOP is stop al clips, PLAY is launch selected scene and REC is overdub
- When using this script, I set all tracks to "sends only". I use Return A as a kind of a master bus. In my opinion, this has some advantages (e.g. avoiding the "problem" that the volume faders go up to +6dB)

The buttons work like this:
- S8: shift button
- if shift is not pressed:

- S1-S2: select left/right track
- S3-S4: select left/right device
- S5: clip/track
- S6: detail
- S7: on/off

- if shift is pressed:

- S1-S4: move red box up/left/right/down
Download Here!


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