Wednesday, August 17, 2011

ill Gates - APC40 DJ Template Tutorial

Tutorial for the ill.Gate's Ableton DJ template mapped to the APC40 Controller.

ill.Gates reinvents the APC as a 2×2 channel DJ/PA complete with VU meters, punch ins, selectable multi FX and innovative smart mix options. A feast for the eyes as well as the ears.

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This world famous DJ template is used by the likes of Bassnectar and DJ Vadim. Designed to be used in all conditions the interface is extremely powerful yet intuitively simple. Easily mappable to ANY midi controller, this DJ template is the perfect tool to crush both dancefloors and mixtapes and can be mixed with either a DJ mixer or internally if you so desire.

Highpass and lowpass filters on virtual decks and selectable tempo-synched effects allow for creative control of your mix. 4 cue points per side and a turntable/CD-J style 'load on the fly' system of track organization complete with bpm, key and search tags ensure that your sets all come out spontaneous and unique, turning you into a DJ that can be danced to night after night after night.

The DJ Template can be mapped to any controller. Ableton Live is required. Premapped versions for the Trigger Finger and MPD32, APC40, and iPAD are available.


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