Friday, September 2, 2011

Sept. Support Tip Of The Month

SP-6 Sample Player

Feel like you aren't making the most of the SP-6 Sample Player? Here are a couple of little tips and tricks that will help you speed up and improve your Sample Player skills, making it a valuable addition to your DJ tools.

Keyboard Shortcuts - don't like using your mouse when DJing? Use the computer keyboard shortcuts to both load or trigger your sample slots.

* Press Z, X, C, V, B or N respectively to trigger the sample slots. (Note : If the 'Playback Keys Use Shift' option is on you will also need to press Shift).
* Press Control + Alt + Z, X, C, V, B or N respectively to load the sample slots.

Want to load up several sample slots in one go? Highlight the files you want to load in your library and drag and drop them onto the first sample slot. This will load the highlighted files to the sample slots from left to right in one go!

Want to free up a deck so you can scratch or play a third song? Load the song that is playing on one of your virtual decks to a sample slot. Providing you have the 'Instant Doubles' option turned on in the setup screen this will 'instant double' the track to the sample slot where it will continue playing. Now you have freed up the virtual deck and you can load a new song. (Note : Make sure the sample player audio output is coming through).


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