Monday, December 19, 2011

Scratch Live 2.3.3 Now Available

Full list of changes:

Playback and file management fixes

* Total rewrite of all metadata/tagging read/write of all MPEG-4 files. This includes .mp4, .m4a, .aac and many .mov files.
* Potential fix to seemingly random crashes during playback of files decoded by Quicktime libraries (mac).
* Fixed bug where autoplay was enabled after hot-plugging hardware.
* Fixed bug where some MPEG-4 files were being incorrectly marked as corrupt.
* Fixed bug where some files were not relocating after using 'relocate lost files'.
* Removed video file filtering. This means Scratch Live can now play audio from video files without having to have Video-SL installed.
* Fixed potential crashes when relocating lost files.
* Fixed MIDI mapped SL4 THRU button still triggering even when 'Lock Playing Deck' is in effect.
* Fix for Grid Edit keyboard shortcut not cycling through the SL3 Aux Deck.
* Fixed Relocate Lost Files not finding files in some cases and sometimes losing information.
* Empty crates are saved to the root drive's subcrates dir to allow the user to prepare a crate structure. NB: Empty crates are never saved to external drives.

Hardware related fixes

* Fixed bug where if SSL was started with the TTM 57 plugged in, it would increase its gain level if it was unplugged, then plugged in again.
* Fixed the TTM 57 B1-B6 button mapping so that their states match the state of the Scratch Live function to which they're mapped to.
* CDJ-900 loop editing now works on deck 4.
* Fixed bug where some midi controllers wouldn't display in the MIDI panel of the setup screen. Affected devices include the NI Kontrol X1.
* Fixed issues with the Pioneer MEP-7000 pitch and velocity controls.

GUI fixes

* When 'lock playing decks' is in effect, the thru mode button is now disabled.
* Fixed bug where the waveforms were rendered a little low (horizontal mode).
* Fixed incorrect spacing for + pitch amounts on the GUI's velocity sliders.
* Fixed bug where the bpm couldn't be doubled/halved without the edit box seemingly clearing all text upon a key release.



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