Friday, March 22, 2013

Learning Push Ableton 9

Check out the entire series HERE. We are still waiting to see for the compatibility with the bridge and mixtape. You can still use ableton 9 and scratchlive the old fashion way. Meaning you have to mix with your ears and not depending on syncing. This has been done for years before the bridge and is still done today. But keep in mind that the itch users have been waiting for years and still is :(.

The Bridge offers Scratch Live users the "Ableton Live Panel " and the "Mixtape" feature.

Ableton Live 9 has just been released and things have changed slightly for Mixtape users. Users of the Mixtape feature will find they receive an error message when opening saved mixtape files created in Scratch Live (.als format), when using Ableton Live 9. You can workaround this issue by following these steps: 1. Save your mixtape as .als format in Scratch Live. 2. Open the .als file in Ableton Live 8. 3. Now, from the toolbar, select "File" and then select "Save Live Set" 4. Close Ableton Live 8. Your Mixtape should now launch correctly when opening the file in the 32 bit version of Ableton Live 9. We hope to resolve this issue in an forthcoming release of Scratch Live. NOTE: This method only applies to the 32 bit version of Ableton Live 9. The Bridge does not work at all with the 64 bit version of Ableton Live 9.


Wow, you've gone to town on this. Push looks AMAZING, can't wait to get my hands on one. Here's my blog if you're interested by the way (Sorry to link, you know what it's like trying to get a blog out there :) )

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